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Susann Regalmuto
Regal Equestrian
Lake View Terrace/Los Angeles, CA

Susann Regalmuto started her riding career in her hometown of Karlsruhe, Germany, under classical master Egon von Neindorff. At age fifteen, she expanded her already large body of experience by studying show jumping at the famous Rosenhof barn, where she successfully completed her "Reiterabzeichen" - Bronze certification, qualifying her to compete in dressage as well as jumping classes levels A-L. Moving to Berlin in her early 20s, Ms. Regalmuto continued studying dressage with Mr. Neindorff and began show jumping with the eminent Guenther Till. At twenty-five, Ms. Regalmuto began working with dressage horses in classes A-M at the world-renowned Dietrichsmeier barn, successfully completing her "Reiterabzeichen" - Silver certification, which enabled her to compete in the highest levels of dressage and jumping in Europe.

In 1995, Ms. Regalmuto relocated to Maui, Hawaii, where she was a founding member of the Hawaii State Dressage Society. Ms. Regalmuto brought her talents to California in 1999 where she has taught and trained ever since. Always dedicated to continuing her education, Ms. Regalmuto participated in the USDF Instructor's program and has been a certified USDF Trainer and Instructor since 2000. Ms. Regalmuto worked with highly esteemed trainer Jutta Scott for 3 years; Jutta is a German Bereiter and Reitlehrer FN. Ms. Regalmuto has trained with Olympians Steffen Peters and Kathleen Raine and is currently clinicing with Christine Traurig, Gerhard Politz and Ulf Wadeborn. In 2014 she completed her USDF Certification thru 4th Level which is the highest national equestrian education one can achieve in the United States.

Ms. Regalmuto conducts clinics in the Western United States and Hawaii. She achieved her USDF Rider Performance Awards for Training, First and Second Level, and is a USDF Bronze and Silver Medalist who has won numerous USDF and USEF Year End Awards. Ms. Regalmuto began competing on the IALHA and IFSHA show circuit in 2006, and has won several Regional and National Championship titles.

Regal Equestrian is located at the beautiful Middle Ranch facility in Lake View Terrace, 15 minutes away from the Los Angeles Equestrian Center in Burbank.

(951) 515-7133

"I was drawn to Susann's barn because of her credentials and qualifications, as well as her warmth and concern for her horses. She has not disappointed. I have watched my mare Nika gain a solid foundation in dressage and evolve into a happy, confident riding horse. I could not be more pleased with the care and training my mare has received.

Susann is a highly skilled and effective rider / trainer. She is also a well rounded trainer. The horses' mental and physical well being is her top priority. Susann exudes kindness and confidence which permeates everything at her barn. The care and riding of the horses and lessons for her clients are all top notch. Her methods are "old school" classical, no fancy gimmicks or equipment, just solid consistent basics based on the dressage training scale.

What really makes Susann's training unique is her connection with all of the horses in her barn. She bonds with each horse which, in turn, brings out the best in each animal. She has a plan and program that is custom tailored for each horse. The horses all advance and at the same time they seem happy and content in their work. The horses come back from their lessons calm and completely relaxed. With Susan's training, the horses become easier and more pleasurable for their owners to ride.

Susann's two-legged students likewise blossom under her teaching. She works with horses and their owners to ensure that they both advance towards correct classical dressage. But she also ensures that they both take the time needed to enjoy the journey and each other in the process. At Susann's barn, both horse and rider are reminded to pause periodically on their dressage journey and to stop and smell the roses."
-- J. Hilton

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