Two five-day clinics are held each year with Erik Herbermann (author of Dressage Formula and A Horseman's Notes) focused on developing the rider and the rider's relationship with the horse.

In addition, a three-day clinic is held in July with Constance Clare-Newman, FEI-level rider and trainer in Germany and Alexander Technique instructor for dressage. These clinics offer rare learning opportunities for both riders and auditors.
Photo of the October 2010 Musical Freestyle Clinic - read the story below:

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Erik Herbermann

As a teacher, Erik Herbermann has gained recognition and respect for his staunch dedication to the propagation of classical ideals. He has devoted most of his time to lecturing, teaching and presiding at clinics internationally, and has written numerous articles for a variety of publications in the United States, Holland, and Canada. His reflections on teaching, entitled A Horseman's Notes, was published in 2003. His most recent book, the fourth edition of Dressage Formula, is a significant revision of earlier editions and is also available as an audio book.

Erik Herbermann was born in Amsterdam in 1945. At an early age, he moved with his family to Johannesburg and ten years later moved to Canada. His initial equestrian training was with Patricia Salt FBHS, herself a pupil of Richard Wätjen and Oberbereiter Lindenbauer at the Spanish Riding School. Subsequently, he studied under the celebrated classical riding teacher Egon von Neindorff (1923 - 2004) whose annual displays of classical equitation were renowned throughout the world. Von Neindorff wrote the foreword to the first edition of Dressage Formula.

Biography and photo courtesy of J.A. Allen Publishing

Constance Clare-Newman

Constance is an FEI-level rider and trainer and also an experienced Alexander Technique teacher. This is a learning opportunity that can benefit riders of all interests and levels of skill. Constance will use the principles of the Alexander Technique to teach riders to increase ease and resilience of their backs. Her background in dressage began in California in the 1980s. She studied, worked and competed in Germany and Austria where she started youngsters, trained several to Grand Prix and rode at FEI levels. Constance has found that the principles of the Alexander Technique and classical dressage have a lot in common. It can be a valuable aid to improve the independence of the rider's seat and performance of the horse.