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About our Facility

Renaissance Farm is an architectural award-winning facility dedicated to the classical "dressing" of the horse and rider. In years past, dressage did not mean competition or exhibition, it meant the proper foundations for training the horse and the rider. Renaissance Farm reflects the passion of its owner, Dr. Patricia L. Butcko, to provide a space where the gracious ambience and training philosophy support the development of both horse and rider.

Nestled in the rolling hills west of Ann Arbor, Michigan, 122 acre Renaissance Farm provides an almost ethereal setting for the practice of the classical arts. It houses relatively few horses (with stalls for only twenty-one boarders), so those fortunate enough to earn a space are those who most closely share the enthusiasm for classical disciplines. Renaissance Farm seeks a small group of like-minded individuals who want to develop and enjoy their relationship with their horse.

Renaissance Farm is not a "barn" in the traditional sense, rather more a lavish house for horses. All stalls are 14 x 14 with Brazilian cherry walls and two-inch thick cushioned flooring. Palladium windows grace the rotunda and the 80 x 200 indoor arena, which features a quadraphonic Bose sound system and electronically monitored dust control. Other features include three heated tack rooms, a two-tier observation room, riders' lounge, and an awe-inspiring rotunda.

Our spacious wash stall has hot and cold running water. There are 19 separate paddocks which are mowed, picked, and groomed regularly. Paddocks are rotated to maintain their quality. Heated water is available in all stalls and paddocks. Horses are fed hay four times daily. Feeding schedules are customized for each horse, and clients can select their own veterinarian and farrier. A number of regional specialists service the farm. The barn manager lives on site and guides the care of each horse personally in consultation with the owner.

Riders and horses of any level find a welcome at Renaissance Farm, but we have a special fascination with the Baroque horse, with its athleticism and enthusiasm for the work. Our goal is to help you develop a relationship with your horse, where the horse comes enthusiastically to the partnership and finds joy in the work.