Rich Phaneuf – Principal/Engineering Technician

Rich Phaneuf has 26 years of experience and has participated in hundreds of projects involving bioengineered streambank stabilization, large-scale river channel relocation, wetland creation, biotechnical erosion control, and habitat enhancement for trout and salmon. He manages several projects simultaneously and is responsible for technical data collection, analysis, design, and documentation. With a background in traditional architectural engineering, this enables him to perform analysis, develop drawings, and designs that are easily interpreted by contractors, permitting agencies and citizen advisory groups. Rich sees the importance of the way data is collected and the way to present it to a diverse audience. Now Rich is focused on ways to improve data collection and the documenting process. With the increased accuracy of LiDAR and the ability to couple data with photogrammetry, there are ways to bring your project site to your computer.

Technical and Design Experience

  • Development of GIS Databases
  • Construction Documents
  • Topographic mapping and 3-d generation
  • Detailed Drawings of natural stream systems and designs
  • Hydrologic/Hydraulic Modeling

Field Experience

  • Topographic mapping using optical and GNSS Systems
  • Bathymetric surveys
  • Photograpetry
  • Airborne and Mobile Lidar mapping Systems