Large Wood

Our staff has worked on hundreds of large wood projects with a focus on providing improved habitat conditions, and stability during floods. Large wood can be used to enhance local pool, cover and escape habitats and it can be placed as a catalyst to promote geomorphic progression. Almost all large wood installations promote gravel sorting, which produces niche aquatic species habitats that improve spawning and rearing habitats for fish. We have used prescriptive approaches to create pools and cover within specific site locations, and we have used reach-scale approaches that promote and embrace geomorphic progression to allow naturally formed habitat conditions.

Where possible, we prefer to use wood that is large enough to be considered key pieces to provide stability and a gradation of smaller wood to provide an abundance of interstitial spaces to provide cover and escape habitat. If key pieces cannot be sourced, then we rely on mechanical measures such as piling, partial burial and/or boulder ballasting techniques.