Dam Removal

Kwoneesum Dam

Dam removal projects can be straight-forward, complex, or include hidden complexities. There are always unknowns associated with dam removals. A good dam removal design will identify the potential problems, estimate their potential to influence outcomes, and implement measures to manage outcomes. Parr Excellence staff have experience removing dozens of dams in the last 20 years. We leverage our experience to obtain desired outcomes for our clients’ benefit.

Dams are a part of our heritage and they don’t last forever. Most dams were built with no intention of removing the dam structure after it is no longer in use. In some cases, contaminants are impounded in the sediments upstream of dams. In other cases, the potential structural failure of a dam threatens people living downstream. Sometimes the operators of unused dams are long gone by the time people become concerned that a dam poses a safety hazard. Other dams disrupt ecological processes to such an extent that a case can be made for their removal. Removal of some dams can affect the surrounding infrastructure. As such, dam removal projects usually include significant social and technical challenges.